New Wilmington Presbyterian Church

New Wilmington, Pennsylvania | Deeper in Scripture | Wider in Service

Our Vision

The New Wilmington Presbyterian Church seeks

discipleship to Christ,

reconciliation in Christ,

divine encounter through Christ, and

generosity with Christ.

Sunday Morning Schedule

Sunday School for all ages September - May.

Worship begins at 10:30am.

Our Address is 229 South Market Street, New Wilmington, PA 16142

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Watch the worship service live or later through Livestream.

Watch and Listen


Listen live Sunday mornings at 10:30 am (9:30 am in the summer) via Titan Radio 88.9 FM or anywhere via Titan Radio's web portal. Mac users will need to download a free version of Flip for Mac in order to listen to the live stream.


Also, see live and recorded video streaming of the service by clicking on Livestream. When you get to the screen, there's no need to "follow". Just click on "New Wilmington Presbyterian Church", locate the date of the service, and watch live or taped services.


Our Church Officers



Our congregation elects 15 Ruling Elders (in three rotating classes) to form a partnership with our two Teaching Elders (Pastors).   Together they form the Session, which provides the people of God with vision, direction, and provision for their ministry within and beyond the gathered congregation.  The session meets monthly for stated meetings of worship and work, while individual elders exercise ongoing leadership in their respective committee and workgroup assignments.

Class of 2018

Nancy Donatelli

Tawnee Hunter

Jessica Shelenberger

Daniel Tennant

Nancy Welker

Class of 2019

Todd Cole

Wendy Farmerie

Jill Mohr

Cathy Smith

Dan Urban

Class of 2020

Randy Brown

Dan Forsberg

Scott McGrath, Clerk of Session

Marybeth Vavithes

Justin Zackal 



Our congregation elects 15 Deacons (in three rotating classes) to share in a ministry of compassion and assistance to persons in need both within and beyond the congregation.  Deacons exercise this ministry individually, in groups, and in partnership with the Pastors. 

Class of 2018

Joan Dawson - Vice Moderator

Sandy Johnston

Sharon Meyer

Karen Wallace, Treasurer

Joanne Wilson

Class of 2019

Charlene List

Laurie Mackaness

Beth Mickle, Moderator

Alex Taylor Schroder - Secretary

Frasier Zahniser

Class of 2020

Lena Aiken

Susan Karson

Kelly Klamut

Cathy Norton

Joel Postema



Our congregation elects 12 Trustees (in three rotating classes) to serve as stewards of the congregation’s facility and resources, ensuring that a church building intended for worship, education, and fellowship works for the congregation and not against it.  Trustees coordinate with staff members in overseeing all levels of maintenance.  They also provide leadership to the congregation in the form of long-range facility, capital campaign, and resource management planning.  While not ordained like Elders and Deacons, the role of the Trustees is vital to the congregation’s ministry and mission.

Class of 2018

Carol Aiken - Inside Facilities

Matt Hosie - Nominating Committee

Sam Farmerie - Church & Van use

Jeffrey Meyer

Class of 2019

Lyle Johnston - President; Inside Facilities

Tyler Cathcart - Outside Facilities

Angie Urban - Vice President; Inside Facilities

Class of 2020

Dave Mistretta

Will Parish, Secretary



Class of 2018 - Carolyn Cuff

Class of 2019 - Jack Reed

Class of 2020 - Jessica Marett