New Wilmington Presbyterian Church

New Wilmington, Pennsylvania | Deeper in Scripture | Wider in Service

Our Vision

The New Wilmington Presbyterian Church seeks

discipleship to Christ,

reconciliation in Christ,

divine encounter through Christ, and

generosity with Christ.

Sunday Morning Schedule

Sunday School for all ages September - May.

Worship begins at 10:30am.

Our Address is 229 South Market Street, New Wilmington, PA 16142

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Watch and Listen


Listen live Sunday mornings at 10:30 am (9:30 am in the summer) via Titan Radio 88.9 FM or anywhere via Titan Radio's web portal. Mac users will need to download a free version of Flip for Mac in order to listen to the live stream.


Also, see live and recorded video streaming of the service by clicking on Livestream. When you get to the screen, there's no need to "follow". Just click on "New Wilmington Presbyterian Church", locate the date of the service, and watch live or taped services.


Our Mission Support

An arm of our Session's leadership of the entire congregation, the Mission Committee is charged with creating, nurturing, and funding ongoing mission partnerships both here in our neighborhood and around the world. The flags in our Ligo Room in our building represent the countries where our church has a mission connection. Here are examples of the kind of partnerships in which our congregation is engaged:


Alternative Gifts International is a nonprofit, interfaith agency that provides education for people of all ages about global needs and raises funds each year through the Alternative Gifts Markets. Money raised in the form of designated grants are then sent to the established international projects of several reputable nonprofit agencies for relief and development.

CRM logo_web

Located in New Castle, PA, they reach out to the community with a food pantry and by providing temporary shelter for homeless indigent people in Lawrence, Butler, and Beaver Counties.   They also work with the men on addiction issues on a longer term basis.

Sabaneta Church Symbol

Since 1997, the NWPC has been involved in a mission ministry with the Iglesia Evangelica of Sabaneta de Yasica, D.R. More than 45 of our fellowship have traveled to that town with Rev. Angel Cancu through medicine, dentistry, education, construction, pure water and ministry with teens.


In 1982 East Liberty Family Health Care Center (ELFHCC)was founded in the basement of Eastminster Presbyterian Church, in the heart of East Liberty neighborhood in Pittsburgh.  Today the center has nearly 40,000 patient encounters each year and offers to pray with every patient after loving, outstanding service has been delivered.  Today, in addition to the East Liberty site, there are full medical and dental services at a Lincoln-Lemington and dental services at the Hosanna House in Wilkinsburg.

Darfur School Outreach

This is a project of Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship that is supporting a Sudanese outreach to the Fur people in Darfur. They are providing training for the leaders of six worshiping communities in Darfur. They are also providing education to children through mobile schools and housing to orphans. The goal of Darfur School Outreach is to support a Jesus movement among the Fur people, led by the Fur people.


The General Assembly of PC (USA) supports the denomination’s mission work throughout the world.


A non-profit Christian Housing ministry that works both to eliminate poverty housing around the world and to make adequate housing a matter of conscience and action.


Started by Drs. John & Elizabeth Taylor (parents of M. Courtwright). Vision: to break the cycle of leprosy and the resulting social rejection and poverty and to develop a strong moral and Christian character in children from leper colonies. At the present time approximately 850 children are housed and educated in three separate residencies in North India.

Joy Offering

Annual Christmas offering given to PC (USA) for designated areas of need. (Pastoral retirees/Board of Pensions and ethnic minority schools.)


A holistic education project looking to educate and empower the children of Mathare Slum and their families.

Local Need

The Mission Council provides confidential financial resources to needs known by the pastors.


The Logos Ministry works to help churches to influence the faith development of their children, and to give them an experience for the Kingdom of God. Caring adults provide a loving, safe environment for the children to connect with Jesus Christ.

Malawi Mission Fund

Through the direction and care of Joe Hopkins, money is given and made available for scholarships in US and Malawi to assist Malawians.


The Medical Benevolence Foundation supports a healing ministry with prayer and finances. Through experiences as short term volunteers, individuals and congregations become acquainted with medical ministries in developing countries.

NWMC Logo with nwmc (3)

The NWMC looks to deepen the missionary spirit; seeking fulfillment of the Great Commission, with a focus on youth ages 12-25. Mission interpretation meets the duty and ideal of carrying the gospel to ALL the world. NWMC uses its Presbyterian mission heritage to encourage a deep spiritual life of fellowship with God by promoting service and witness for Jesus Christ.

New Wilmington VFD

Annual donation to the New Wilmington Fire Department for support of their work in our community.

One Great Hour of Sharing

Annual Lenten offering given to PC(USA) for the Presbyterian Hunger Program, Self-Development of People and Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.


Each year we provide financial aid to a general student aid fund.

Also, we provide an annual gift to each seminarian under the care of the Session.

Frontier Fellowship Logo

We’re committed to our call to mobilize the Church—inviting, educating, inspiring, gathering and equipping followers of Jesus to embrace the unique and important role God has given each of us to make His name known among every nation, tribe, people and language.

Pregnancy Resource Center

Provides pregnancy counseling and parenting programs to local mothers.

PFF Logo

An organization created by Presbyterians to find where God is at work among the 2.5 billion people who have no Christian witness in their culture and to support the new believers. They also help educate and connect congregations here with these frontier mission movements.


Pittsburgh Regional International Student Ministries…to see every international student and visiting scholar befriended, led to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and disciplined for His service.


Partners with churches, ministries, and community organizations to promote and strengthen their capacity and effectiveness, through benevolence, education and communication.


The mission is to provide quality service to the elderly. It is a Christian not-for-profit facility dedicated to providing a quality living environment and services which support individuals, enabling them to remain as independent as possible.


Shenango Presbytery provides opportunities and resources for our congregations to connect with mission.   The funds are used to provide scholarships for mission trips and the Perspective’s class. This also pays for guests from other parts of the world to come visit our churches.

Sudan Liaison

Michael Weller is the PCUSA Regional Liaison for the horn of Africa.  Michael and Rachel Weller are also missionaries in Ethiopia.   Michael's work as Regional Liaison includes taking care of missionaries, like Ingrid Reneau, in the horn of Africa.  He also meets regularly with our partners in this region, such as the Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church.  The support we provide for the liaison fund allows Michael to travel to Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia frequently.  Rachel is a nurse in Gambala, Ethiopia.

Sudan –Gereif Bible School

Gereif Bible School is one of the oldest theological institutes in Sudan and it was established by American missionaries.  Gereif trains church leaders, teachers and evangelists.  During breaks, the students run a mobile school to provide training in remote areas.  Our donations provide support for students, faculty, administration and operating costs. 

Sudan – Ingrid Reneau

Ingrid is a PC (USA) missionary who works in South Sudan. She is helping the Sudanese as they rebuild their education system after years of war.   Ingrid is helping to create curriculums, train teachers and provide adult literacy classes.

Thank Offering

Annual Autumn offering given to PC (USA) for designated areas of need.


A conference with great speakers and workshops made available at a very small charge for leaders and members of small (0-200 member) churches for spiritual refreshment and learning.   At present there are 9 such conferences.


Providing hand-made tables, benches, and bunk beds for families who have experienced disaster and loss, to aid in restoring fellowship and family ties around the table, and the comforts of home.


Funds provided to the Westminster College chaplain for discretionary spending, which subsidizes scholarships for retreats, the annual Jubilee, student’s trips and purchase of books.

Witnessing Ministries (India)

The mission arm of the Rural Presbyterian Church of India. This is the church that has risen from the ashes of the “Untouchables” and the “Outcasts.” The objective is to lead the Dalit people out of the abuse and oppression of the centuries old caste culture of Hinduism and into the light and healing faith of Jesus Christ.


World Mission Initiative is a part of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. They are dedicated to helping Presbyterians develop a mission vision, nurture mission vocations and cultivate missional congregations.


David and Leah (Pollock) Preston continue their translating work under the Wycliffe Bible Translators and in church building. (Prestons, Mozambique)

Designated Misc. Fund

Funds for Mission yearbooks, and basic supplies for the committee to communicate with the congregation at large.

Undesignated Funds

Each year part of the annual budget is set aside to help with unexpected ministry needs of mission organizations and individuals throughout the year.