November 2019 Mission Focus: Ethiopia

Our Mission Committee has designed November’s Mission Focus on Ethiopia. The Ethiopian flag will be displayed on our altar throughout the month.

NWPC has had a long and storied connection with Ethiopia through our Presbyterian mission partners, currently the Kandels and Wellers.

Lynn and Sharon Kandel are serving together as the regional liaisons in Sudan, Ethiopia and South Sudan. As such, they serve as point persons for our global partners there, for U.S. constituents, mission co-workers, Presbyterian World Mission and Presbyterian Mission Agency staff. Sharon is the primary lead for Ethiopia, Lynn for Sudan, and they are both deeply engaged in South Sudan where they live. South Sudan has multiple and diverse needs, so the Kandels feel blessed to be able to work with people in South Sudan with a wide assortment of talents and abilities. They continue to work for peace in South Sudan and to be an encouraging partner presence for the Presbyterian churches there. (You can find out more about their ministry on their profile page on the PCUSA website.)

Michael and Rachel serve the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (EECMY) in Gambella, Ethiopia, where Rachel serves as the facilitator for Community Health Evangelism (CHE) in Gambella. CHE is an integrative program that empowers individuals and communities to improve their health while deepening their understanding of the abundant life of Jesus Christ. Michael teaches at the Don McClure Bible School and the Manpiny Theological College. Michael and Rachel feel privileged to be part of these communities and to be a conduit through which a deeper understanding of God is communicated. (You can find out more about their ministry on their profile page on the PCUSA website.)

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