January Mission Focus: Kenya

Our Mission Committee has selected Kenya as the January 2020 mission focus for our congregation. The Kenyan flag will be displayed on the chancel for the entire month as a reminder about our efforts and partners to supports missions in Kenya.

The NWPC congregation was drawn to the mission needs of Kenya through many missionaries connected directly to NWPC, such as Sue Anne Fairman, Bill and Lois Anderson, and a friend of the church, Adam Gould.In 2006, Adam witnessed firsthand the poverty and need for education in Nairobi, Kenya. Partnering with Bob Kikuyu and Life in Abundance they set out to make a difference in the lives of the children in Nairobi through education.

“Begun in 2007, eduKenya is a movement of people that are driven by the love of Christ to have an impact on the world. It is a catalyst for change in Mathare, a community of about 600,000 people in Nairobi, Kenya who are languishing in abject poverty. eduKenya offers opportunity for the people of Mathare to break that cycle and transform their community through the purposeful, transformative education of the next generation. eduKenya began with the Mawewa Preschool and Primary School, both located in, and serve, the children of Mathare. It is a holistic educational experience which includes feeding and medical care programs, field trips, athletics, music, drama and scouts. eduKenya has grown to include a boarding school that is located about three hours from Nairobi. It is a safe, quiet environment where students can learn without being subject to the dangers of living in Mathare. They have the opportunities to learn Spanish, participate in math and debate competitions and pursue practical education in areas such as organic farming, sewing and hairdressing, all while enjoying spacious green spaces and comfortable dormitories.”

Our congregation has consistently aided many eduKenya children through scholarships, healthy meals, and vaccinations. You can help break this cycle of poverty through your contributions through our church giving to edKenya. See one of our Mission Committee members for more information or visit the eduKenya website: https://www.edukenya.org/.

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