June/July Mission Focus: USA

The Mission Committee will display the American Flag for both June and July as we focus on our local mission efforts and partners. We begin as close to home as it gets with NWPC Vacation Bible School headed by Linda Black and a host of helpers. Our Bible School has always had a mission element to train our young ones to have a heart for missions.

Here is Linda’s insight into this year’s program:
“This year’s Virtual Vacation Bible School will have a very local mission or two! One family in our church put their skills and energy to work creating a Blessing Box, a small pantry for our community. A sign says ‘Leave what you can. Take what you need.’ For VBS this year, we will accept contributions of canned goods or dry food items like packaged noodles so that the blessing box can be restocked as needed. Whether you are part of VBS or not, feel free to join us in loving our neighbors in this tangible way.

At VBS we will also use our artistic skills to color butterflies, symbolizing new life and hope. At the conclusion of VBS, we will gather these artfully decorated butterflies and create our own cheerful butterfly garden on the church lawn. Art can be used to inspire joy and change.

We welcome the church family’s prayers for Vacation Bible School, its leaders and participants. These are difficult days and seasons and we hope to plant good seeds of God’s love for us that may spring up in our love for God and for our neighbor, near or far, red, yellow, black or white.”

Following VBS, our second local mission for June is the New Castle City Rescue Mission. We will be highlighting many other local mission efforts which NWPC supports over the next two months.

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