Dominican Republic Scholarship for 2020-21

As with all countries in the world in 2020, the Dominican Republic is feeling the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Our brothers and sisters in Christ in Sabaneta de Yasica are experiencing upheaval in their health, economy, educational endeavors, and human connections. Because our mission team was not able to travel in March of this year, preparations for the future of the Scholarship Program have had to be done electronically and by telephone but our commitment remains the same.

This coming school year gives us the opportunity to invest in the lives of 33 students at the Christian school from preschool through 8th grade at $350 per student, and 16 high school students grades 9-12 at $450 per student. These fees include tuition, uniform, books, and supplies. These students and their parents are held accountable to high standards for the privilege of receiving the scholarship, including good grades, regular attendance, dedication to their education, and church involvement.

In addition, we will continue to support 14 university students at $320 per student. Because the scholarship only covers partial tuition, the students and their families are expected to be accountable for the balance of their university expenses.

Despite these uncertain times, we remain firm in our willingness to support the students of the scholarship program and invite you to participate in providing scholarship funding. If you feel you are being called to participate but are unable to provide an entire scholarship, you may give any amount and we will pair up partial donors to a student in need of sponsorship. Your gift may be tax deductible; please contact your expert for information.

Gifts must need to be received in the NWPC office by August 8. The sooner we can fulfill the pledged amount, the sooner we will be able to send the funds to our scholarship recipients.

With gratitude from the students, their families, and the Clen-Moore/NWPC Dominican Scholarship Committee – Robin Bruck, Sandy Davis, Tina Nesbitt and Chris Parish. Thank you.

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