Mission Focus for November: Thank Offering

Westminster Presbyterian Church in Medford, Oregon, experienced great loss with the September wildfires in the area. Seven families in the church lost their homes and all their belongings. Even while suffering their own loss, Westminster is also reaching out to the community to form long-term relationships with other families who were impacted. The Hispanic community was especially hard hit. Because this was a fast-moving fire with little warning, many people were forced to evacuate immediately without the chance to gather anything at all. Many people simply lost everything. There were more than 2,300 homes destroyed by the fires, so the need is massive. The church has adopted 4 of those families to help with immediate needs and to support through the recovery and rebuilding process. Others in need will also be assisted.

Our NWPC Mission Committee chose to make a difference by sending monetary help to Westminster Church. Not only does this give much-needed relief to struggling families, but also serves to create a personal connection with our sister church where Sue Anne Fairman’s son-in-law Rev. Chris Ward is the pastor. Our two churches are similar in size and demographics. During the Thank Offering, collected on Nov. 22, 2020, you will be given the opportunity to donate to the fire relief cause. Christ calls us to share our love and concern with those in need. Please consider what you can do.

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