January 2021 Challenge: New Found Time

The January Challenge presented by the Discipleship Steering Committee and committee chair Bev Shelenberger again requires your creativity and sharing. The pandemic has created “NFT” as Bev’s husband, Don, calls it. It may not be true for all of us because some have stretched time and patience to the max, but for the rest of us it is “New Found Time.” We have time but what have we chosen to do with it? Some of us have tried new recipes, learned new skills, acquired new pets, or found new websites. Bev is asking that you share with others recipes, pictures or products of your New Found Time.

January brings a new year and a new hope. We are blessed by our church and its people. We do not go through this alone. Share the love. Find those who need help and help in whatever way is safe. We can be creative in solutions. Prayer Warriors, you are doing great work, too. Bev’s new find is recipes. She likes a sheet pan supper called Arroz Con Pollo. She will send you a copy of the recipe if you like or put several copies at the church. See you in church, either virtually or in person.

Share your thoughts fo NFT by emailing them to media@nwpresby.org and we’ll include them below on this webpage later this month.

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