Mission Focus for May 2021: India

Our Mission Subcommittee’s monthly focus for May 2021 is on India. The Indian flag will be displayed on our chancel for the entire month. Read this message below describing our mission partner’s work in India and pray for the people of India.

Witnessing Ministries of Christ is a supported ministry of NWPC. Its philosophy is to help people so they can stand on their own feet. It educates children to make them fully capable to learn and earn their own living and not need further help from their families.

The Exodus Christian Presbyterian Church is a fellowship of Dalit (“the untouchables”) Christians. Through disciplines of faith and education, believers also retain their ability to step back into that culture to help others find their exodus pathway. The offerings of the member congregations subsidize the children’s program as well as pay for the expenses incurred in the performance of religious responsibilities.

Recently, a police inspection of the church and its premises concluded that the church met all government regulations to combat the covid virus. Limited number of people are allowed at services, transportation is in small vehicles only, and a detailed plan and available supplies exceeded government requirements. However, several of its staff contracted the virus as well as members of the community. Getting health care right now in India is a challenge. Beds, oxygen, and medical workers are in short supply. Many patients die in waiting rooms or outside overwhelmed clinics before they can be seen by a doctor. Record number of daily deaths (around 4,000) is staggering.

That number is larger than the population of New Wilmington! Please pray for India, its leaders, and the efforts to get vaccinations to the people.

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