Mission Focus for June 2021: Sudan and South Sudan

NWPC’s Mission Committee has selected Sudan and South Sudan for its monthly mission focus for June 2021. The Sudan and South Sudan flags will be displayed in our chancel throughout the month as a reminder of our mission partners in those countries. Here’s a message from our committee about Sudan and South Sudan:

Of the 7.7 billion people alive today, more than two billion have never heard of Jesus. That reality compels us to engage the world’s least-reached places, supporting local churches that want to tell the Good News of God’s Kingdom to their communities and beyond. We long to see people, from every distinct group on earth, encounter the grace of God, and become thriving expressions of the Body of Christ in their unique contexts.

Denise Sciuto is the local Associate Director for Frontier Fellowship. She partners with Sudanese and South Sudanese to support their work in Sudan, South Sudan, and Uganda. Denise has traveled to Sudan and Uganda to learn more about their ministries and she loves to bring people with her.

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