Mission Focus for Sept. 2021: Bolivia

Our Mission Committee’s focus for September 2021 is on Bolivia. During the month, the Bolivian flag will be displayed on our chancel during worship. Below is a description of our mission partnerships in Bolivia.

Paul and Lucinda Rowe Bentley have been serving in Bolivia since January 1984. They have been involved in church planting in Quechua areas in Sucre and in several rural areas, itinerant evangelism, leadership training in rural areas, teaching at a Quechua Bible school, establishing a health clinic for low-income Quechua people and working with children at risk. In 1993, in conjunction with other mission and local church leaders, they directed the ministry to establish a SW radio station for outreach to the 2.2 million monolingual Quechuas of Bolivia. The station, Mosoj Chaski (New Messenger), has now been broadcasting for over 22 years throughout the country of Bolivia and has a listening audience that is estimated to be approximately 1 million.

Additional to their work in Bolivia, for these past 14 years, Paul & Lucinda work as the Regional Leaders for the Americas Region in Pioneers, supervising South, Central and North America. In these recent years their principal role is to provide strategic direction, leadership oversight, leadership development, mentoring and member care. The Region has 250+ people working on 45 teams in outreach in 10 countries to indigenous and tribal groups throughout the Americas, and refugees and immigrants in the US and Canada.

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