September Mission Focus Flags: Nicaragua, Hurricane

Our Mission Committee has selected two flags to display in our sanctuary for September: the Nicaragua flag and the hurricane flag.

NWPC has had many connections to Nicaragua. Our own Wendy Farmerie traveled there on a Fair Trade Scholarship in conjunction with the Silk Road Fair Trade Market of which she is proprietor. If you wish to learn more about her experiences in Nicaragua and about the Silk Road you may want to stop by the shop and talk to her about it. The shop is located at 115 N Market St #1 in New Wilmington.

Presbyterian World Mission works in partnership with the Council of Evangelical Churches of Nicaragua (CEP AD) which promotes justice and peace to help economically impoverished communities. Groups from the United States visit Nicaragua frequently to participate in the ministries of CEPAD. Our mission co-workers in Nicaragua receive visiting groups, coordinate activities to reflect the priorities of CEPAD, set up in-country logistics, plan the educational program with delegation leaders, and lead reflections with people who visit. They also will facilitate partnership relationships between U.S. churches and Nicaraguan churches and institutions.

Hurricane Dorian made landfall in the Bahamas as a category 5 hurricane on September 1, 2019. All of us feel great sadness about the damage this hurricane has caused, the loss of life, destroyed homes and structures, floods and affected vegetation. PDA (Presbyterian Disaster Assistance) is currently in communication with one of our partners in the Bahamas. We understand the genuine desire to help our neighbors. The reality is that right now the situation on the affected islands is critical. Access to the affected islands has been reserved for first responder organizations doing search and rescue, and providing first aid relief. The best way to respond to a disaster is through monetary donations. If you would like to support PDA’s response, please write checks to NWPC and designate gifts for Hurricane Dorian on the memo line. Our treasurer will forward all donations to PDA through our Presbytery Office.

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