Mission Focus for May 2021: India

Our Mission Subcommittee's monthly focus for May 2021 is on India. The Indian flag will be displayed on our chancel for the entire month. Read this message below describing our mission partner's work in India and pray for the people of India. Witnessing Ministries of Christ is a supported ministry of NWPC. Its philosophy is... Continue Reading →

NWPC Softball Team Returning for 2021

NWPC's softball team is returning and we're looking for fans and players. The season runs mid-May through July and games are Tuesday and Thursday at 6 p.m. at the The Mercer County Regional Council of Governments Field (75 Wheatland Rd., West Middlesex, PA). Please call or text Coach Janine Stuart 412-478-9542 or Coach Doug Phillips 724-372-4180 to share your... Continue Reading →

May 2021 Challenge: Advice for Graduates

The May Challenge from the Discipleship Steering Committee is to picture yourself giving a graduation speech or just being asked for your best advice to graduates or your younger self. Now is your chance! If you were giving a graduation speech, what would your title be? If you wanted to give advice to your younger... Continue Reading →

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