Mission Focus for April 2022: Sudan and South Sudan

Our Mission Focus for April 2022 is on our Presbyterian partners in Sudan and South Sudan. The South Sudan flags will be displayed in our chancel all month.

The largest nation in Africa became Sudan and South Sudan in 2011. Our congregation’s partnership is with the Sudan/South Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church. We support Sharon Kandel, a mission coworker who was recently in Juba, South Sudan, for the first church-wide assembly in three years. Our Sudanese partners support a school to train house church leaders from the Darfur region of Sudan. Rev. Tut Koney or another school leader will visit us in October to tell the story.

Denise Sciuto, a member of NWPC, is a mobilizer for Frontier Fellowship through whom we support this work. Denise spoke to our congregation earlier this month. See video clip below:

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