Mission Focus for May 2022 on India

Our Mission Subcommittee’s monthly focus for May 2022 is on the country of India. The Indian flag will be displayed in our chancel all month. Below is a description of our mission partner’s work in India.

A long-time NWPC member who served on our Mission Committee and missionary kid who grew up in India, Margaret Courtwright educated us about the needs of those considered outcasts in India. She introduced us to Witnessing Ministries of Christ. This ministry serves in association with the Exodus Christian Presbyterian Church, a fellowship of Dalit (“untouchables”) Christians. Their philosophy is to enable people to stand on their own feet and for this reason they educate children to make them fully capable to learn and to earn their own living. The offerings of the member congregations subsidize the children’s program as well as pay for the expenses incurred in the performance of religious responsibilities. The policy of the Board of Witnessing Ministries of Christ is to spend at least 90% of donations for the actual field work. 100% of the children’s sponsorship donations are spent on the children. Their website is https://www.witnessingministries.com/. Their current newsletter is posted on the Mission Committee bulletin board in the Ligo Room.

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