Mission Focus for September 2020 on Ghana

Ghana is the country and flag for our Mission Focus for September. The Ghana flag will be display in our chancel throughout the month. Our church has been connected through Presbyterian Church USA Mission Partners for many years.

PCUSA is working to build and strengthen congregational and presbytery partnerships with the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, the Evangelical Presbyterian Church Ghana, and two related institutions, Akrofi Christaller Institute of Theology, Mission, and Culture, and the Trinity Theological Seminary.

NWPC supports these partnerships to address the three Critical Global Initiatives of the Presbyterian Mission Agency: evangelism and leadership development, global poverty, and peacemaking and reconciliation. These partnerships have done wonderful work in so many areas, building wells and community sanitation projects, helping female-led projects in fishing and agriculture, developing leaders in health, education, and church growth and evangelism.

Andrew and Ingrid Walls are two of the PCUSA Mission Partners with whom NWPC has had a long relationship. Their service in Ghana recently took a different turn as they returned to the UK where they continue to work in research projects pertinent to mission and religion in Africa.

More details will be available in upcoming bulletins this month.

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